We do not sell your information or pass on to a third party.

We do not use email marketing or telephone marketing.

However, we may have to contact you while an order is being processed in case there is any problem which may delay the processing of your order. After an order is completed we will not contact you.

Older completed orders are held on a database that is part of general book keeping but is held on encrypted servers. This reference, to old invoices, is not held on computers. ( if a computer is stolen or has to leave the premises for repair, there is no data on its hard drive that a third party could access. )

We can only access details that are are held on servers by using pass words which are changed regulary. Sometimes customes ask for this information and its only then we need to access it.

We do not store credit card numbers and have no access to any card transactions over the websites.

When it is necessary to take a card number over the telephone. We do not write this information down. It is entered into the card machine while the customer is on the telephone. Receipts do not display full card numbers.

We are also regulated by the card companies Worldpay and Sage Pay and also PayPal where we have to follow there own sringent rules to protect the customer.

If you wish us to find and remove any details we may have about you, we are more than happy to do so.