Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Shoes.

Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Shoes.

Ladies, don't we just love shoes and choosing your bridal shoes can be so exciting, afterall your bridal shoes are the 2nd most important purchase after your wedding dress so don't leave it to the last minute


It is essential to have your shoes ready for your final dress fitting to ensure the height of the dress can be alterered to suit the heel height of your shoes.

Heel Height:

Remember you will be wearing your shoes for a long time all day and for dancing the night away so it is important to wear a heel that is comfortable. You most definitely don’t want to be tottering down the isle on heels you can’t walk in, this is definitely not a good look. If you are used to wearing a flat style then it is not a good idea to think you will be able to wear a 3 inch heel all day. Measure a heel height on one of your favourite shoes you know are comfortable, this way you will have a height you know you can wear. Insolia are also a great little insole which are usually found in some Marks and Spencer shoes. They make you feel like you are wearing a lower heel. Available online from us at only £8.99


There are so many styles available to meet all budgets.If you are wearing a longer dress then the shoes will not be on show all day so a more affordable shoe might be good if you are on a tight budget but if wearing a shorter dress then push to boat out and go for a show stopping style as they are sure be noticed by all women on your guest list and in the photos.


If you are going around the shops for your shoes make sure you take a colour swatch of your dress with you, your dressmaker should be able to give you a sample. You should allow enough time to try the shoes on with your dress and consider different lights natural and artificial light can make shoes appear lighter or darker. Dyeable shoes will allow you to send in for dyeing to your actual swatch.

Dyeable Shoes:

Invest in a pair of dyeable wedding shoes which can be dyed after your wedding to a more serviceable colour to wear for many years to come.

Treat your feet: