Shoe Dyeing Questions Answered

Your Shoe Dyeing Questions Answered.

Q: Who actually does the dyeing?

A: All Dyeing is done on the Premises.

Q: Where can I purchase shoes suitable for dyeing?

A: We sell a wide range of dyeable styles for you to purchase.

Q: Do you dye shoes and bags not purchased from one of your stores?

A: Yes, but this is under the understanding that no protective coating has been applied to waterproof the product.

Q: How do I know if the shoes are dyeable?

A: The best way is to ask the shop where the shoes were purchased or call us for details of makes which are suitable for dyeing. See below for our advice on which makes are dyeable.

Q: Are any satin shoes suitable for dyeing?

A: No, most fashion shoes are not made from dyeable satin so we do advise you speak to us first or see below for makes which are not suitable for dyeing.

Q: What base colour should I buy?

A: We recommend an ivory base shoes as white shoes have a blue undertone which may distort some colours.

Q: What can I send for a colour sample?

A: A piece of material would be perfect, ask your dressmaker if having the dress altered.

Q: How long will it take for you to dye my shoes?

A: We have various services from 3 weeks down to our speed dyeing 3 day service.

Q: My fabric is shot silk (two colours) can you dye from this?

A: No we can only dye to one colour. You can state which colour you prefer or our colour studio will dye to the mid colour for you.

Q: My shoes have crystals and pearls on them, will they be affected by the dye?

A: No the dye will just slide off the trimmings but we also clean the stones after dyeing. Lace and embroidery will not dye.

Q: My shoes are satin with a lace overlay, how will they look when dyed?

A: The satin will absorb more dye than the lace, thereby giving a two-tone effect. The satin part of the shoe will be the colour of your swatch and the lace will be lighter.

Q: My shoes have pleated sections on them will this affect the colour?

A: The pleating may go slightly darker but this is not a bad thing as customers say this is a lovely affect. If you definitely want one colour please buy without pleating.

Which makes are suitable for dyeing?

The top makes which always dye perfectly whatever the colour are

Perfect Bridal Shoes, Rainbow Club and Paradox Pink: Simply the best dyeable satin in our experience on the market.

Makes which are not so good are

BHS: Hit and miss some dye perfect while others may dye lighter or patchy

Marks & Spencer: Not suitable

Next: Can dye patchy as the glue shows through.

Debenhams: Colour varies depending on satin.

Lexus: Not suitable

Dorothy Perkins: Not suitable